Rally collects $15 million in investment

Rally is moving into entertainment to spread the word about “Investibles"— the merging of investors and collectibles.

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Rally collects $15 million in investment


The Future. Fractional investing startup Rally scored $15 million more in investment and is moving into entertainment to spread the word about “Investibles” — the merging of investors and collectibles. With the rise of NFTs, Rally may popularize the idea of investing in digital and physical collectibles (instead of stocks) in an era where fandom reigns supreme.

Fan fractions
Rally is rounding up investors.

  • It has raised a $15 million Series B, raising total investment to $65 million.
    Investors include Jimmy Kimmel’s Wheelhouse, Kevin Durant’s Thirty Five Ventures, and Animal Capital (a VC founded by TikTokers Josh Richards, Griffin Johnson, and Noah Beck).

Rally, which is mainstreaming “fractional investing,” allows customers to park their money in pricey items, such as a guitar signed by Slash or a rare X-Men comic from 1963, that they wouldn’t be able to afford on their own.

Collect audiences
Rally is part and parcel with the behemoth $370 billion collectibles market, but with the help of Wheelhouse, it’s planning to stand out by getting into the content game.

  • The startup is planning to launch a collectibles podcast.
  • It’s also partnering with hit show Pawn Stars to sell items, like a 1776 broadside of the Declaration of Independence, worth $2M, now available for $25 a share.

Expanding on Rally’s mission, CEO George Leimer says that the company wants to “let anyone invest in the assets they care most about – whether it’s a four-hundred-year-old rare book or an NFT created just a few years ago. Having deep roots throughout the media and entertainment industry will help us connect more investors with the one-of-a-kind items they care most about.”

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