ChatGPT comes for entry-level jobs

If you thought landing your first job was hard, ChatGPT is about to make it harder.

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The Future. Graduating college students may struggle even more to land their first career entry-level job thanks to AI. And with many companies developing their own AI systems to specifically automate grunt work in their respective industries, young humans may need to prove that they can bring skills to the workplace that a computer could never match.

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If you thought landing your first job was hard, ChatGPT is about to make it harder.

  • The rise of AI platforms means that businesses can soon automate the kind of work that would usually be reserved for someone in an entry-level position.
  • That means entry-level positions for humans will have a higher barrier to entry and may look more like mid-level positions today, requiring years of professional experience.

How are people supposed to get this experience? College Disrupted author Ryan Craig writes in Fast Company that universities may need to put a major emphasis on securing internships for students early in their college careers to gain the necessary experience to get a job upon graduation.

The knitting of coursework with real-world projects may mean people are getting their “entry-level” work done while they get their degrees — what Craight calls “earn-and-learn.” 

No pressure. Hope you pick your major right, freshmen.

David Vendrell

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