M&A comes for the creator economy

The past few years have been an era of outsized growth for Big Tech.

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M&A comes for the creator economy


The Future. The past few years have been an era of outsized growth for Big Tech, the sudden rise of various creator-focused startups, and the mainstream introduction of everything from the blockchain to AI. Now Wall Street, private equity firms, and VCs want a return on investment. Those forces are expected to lead to a year of mass consolidation, strategic mergers, and off-ramp acquisitions… which may make it easier to understand who the real players are.

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The creator landscape may radically shift in 2023. According to Insider, here are the trends to look out for:

  • It’ll be a buyer’s market. A revenue-focused market will make it harder for startups to raise more money, making it more attractive to just sell before the costs rise.
  • Big Tech could take a bite. Meta, TikTok, and even Shopify may look at acquiring creator-focused businesses as the evolution of their business after launching various monetization features this year… but may run into renewed government regulation.
  • People-focused companies want tech and data. Influencer marketing and talent-management firms may view tech-focused companies as an integral tool to get a leg up in a crowded field.
  • Niche startups will consolidate. The pandemic led to the sudden rise of several similar startups (so many link-in-bio companies), which may have no choice but to merge or sell if they want to exist at all.
  • Creators merge or cash out. Creators have finally reached an asset-class status, with startups like Jellysmack and Spotter paying for catalog rights. Some creators may even merge their followings to become more attractive targets.

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