Crocs embrace the meme life

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The Future. Last decade, we all laughed at Crocs. This decade, we all laugh with Crocs. By staying the course and embracing its inherent ridiculousness, the clog brand has turned its business into a very serious moneymaker. As Crocs shows no signs of waning influence, the coolest thing for a brand to do in 2023 may be scoring a Crocs collab.

Foot jokes
Crocs has found success by putting memes on your feet.

  • Its Lightning McQueen clogs (that light up, btw) were so hot people were trying to buy stores’ entire stocks to get in the resell race.
  • But its most absurd animated-character collab was the Shrek clog (with Jibbitz nose and ears), which gave the brand its highest launch day traffic on its site.
  • Brand collabs don’t get bigger than McDonald’s, which Crocs designed an entire line of mascot-inspired clogs for — the Grimace one sold out in 10 minutes in China.
  • It doubled its meme power by partnering with MSCHF on the Big Yellow Boot —  introducing it at Paris Fashion Week (with a mime) and rolling out an ad campaign with Paris Hilton.
  • And there’s just the plain ridiculous — Crocs dropped a cowboy boot clog (made to look like leather) that scored billions of online impressions globally.

But, potentially most shocking was its stab at streetwear cred by partnering with designer Salehe Bembury, who’s worked for Yeezy, Versace, and New Balance. He made Crocs look, dare we say it, unironically cool.

Now we know we’ve drank the Kool-Aid… or the ranch dressing.


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