South Park duo get real funding for deepfakes

South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have received some real funding for their deepfake startup, Deep Voodoo.

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South Park duo get real funding for deepfakes


The Future. South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have received some real funding for their deepfake startup, Deep Voodoo. Already demonstrating the power of their tech with some eye-popping short projects, Deep Voodoo may not only make waves when they release their first long-form project but also reshape traditional VFX when it comes to new innovations like de-aging and face-swapping.

Comedy voodoo
Parker and Stone are beefing up one of their new tools for button-pushing satire.

  • Their deepfake startup, Deep Voodoo, has received $20 million from the CAA and New Enterprise Associates-backed Connect Ventures, reports Variety.
  • It’s the company’s first external funding — previously, all financing had been done in-house by Parker and Stone’s production company, Park County (received $20 million).
  • With the cash influx, the startup plans to ramp up development of its leading deepfake technology, cost-effective visual effects services, and original synthetic media projects.”
  • Deep Voodoo has already started to offer its “unrivaled face-swapping visual effects” to Hollywood — the focus of the company’s endeavors.

Additionally, Deep Voodoo hopes to platform “the best deepfake artists in the world.” One question: is the Tom Cruise guy involved?

Famous face(s)
In a few short years, Deep Voodoo has already made a name for itself.

  • In October 2020, they released the viral short film “Sassy Justice,” which featured a deepfaked Donald Trump.
  • This past May, the company teamed up with Kendrick Lamar on his “The Heart Part 5” music video, which saw Kendrick transform into several celebrities, including Kobe Bryant, Will Smith, and Kanye West.

When Deep Voodoo releases their first deepfaked movie or show, it may end up being a game-changer.

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