Disney double-downs on its parks business

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The Future. Disney parks like Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and Shanghai Disney Resort are doing great business, so the company wants more of a good thing, injecting a massive $60 billion investment into the parks and experiences division. If the division continues to beat expectations, its chief, Josh D’Amaro, may be the one to succeed CEO Bob Iger.

To 60 billion and beyond
While Disney has wrestled with some headaches the past few years, its parks and experiences business has been a bright spot

  • The division brought in $32.5 billion in revenue in 2023 (a 16% annual increase) and hit an all-time revenue record last quarter.
  • That massive growth has happened in spite of major price increases and a controversial rollout of Genie+ — the paid, line-skipping service that replaced the free Fast Pass.
  • So, Disney is striking while the iron is hot, allocating 70% of its $60 billion investment to new expansions at its parks, including lands based on franchises like Encanto and Zootopia across 1,000 available acres to develop on.
  • The other 30% will go to tech, infrastructure, and maintenance, which includes several cool moonshot projects at Disney Imagineering.

With rival NBCUniversal also ramping up investment in its destinations, the streaming wars may soon be giving way to the theme-park wars.

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