Dr. Pepper fizzes up to the second soda spot

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The Future. In an industry shocker, Dr. Pepper has tied Pepsi-Cola for the second most popular soda in America — the first time anyone has ascended to Pepsi’s position in 40 years, per sales volume data from Beverage Digest. As Dr. Pepper tries to push Pepsi out of the slot for good, prepare for the company to roll out new brand partnerships and drink recipes over the next year.

Carbonation competition
Dr. Pepper is really poppin’ off right now.

  • The Texas-based brand, which was in sixth place 20 years ago, has grown in favor partly due to consistent marketing (all about those 23 flavors) and leaning into TikTok trends around its drink (pickles and Dr. Pepper, anyone?).
  • It’s also played both sides of the cola wars — Dr. Pepper is available in Coca-Cola and Pepsi-branded soda fountains.
  • That’s made Dr. Pepper popular with Gen Z, who’s now pulling double on-trend duty by filling their viral Stanley Quencher cups with the soda.

When it comes to the $97 billion American soda market, Coke is still king… but Dr. Pepper’s rise may, at the very least, put a wrinkle in the in-development movie about the battle between Coke and Pepsi.

David Vendrell

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