American fashion goes “Europecore”

Even our fashion is itching for a vacation.

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The Future. The new fashion trend taking over those “watch me put together my outfit” videos on TikTok and Instagram is dressing like you’re on a Mediterranean vacation even though you’re still in… say… Virginia. “Europecore” has nothing to do with how people actually dress in countries like Italy or France. Still, the trend may be simply a symptom of young people feeling like they just need to escape from all the current stresses in America.

Transatlantic fit
Even our fashion is itching for a vacation…

  • According to Nylon, the big fashion trend for the summer is “Europecore” — “the hyper-feminine romanticization of your wardrobe, with extra lace, frills, pearls, and silk pieces.”
  • It’s essentially meant to mimic the feeling of being on a European vacation — midnight in Paris, a beach in Italy — without actually being able to afford to go to those places.
  • Even though the wardrobe may not reflect what Europeans wear regularly, it’s more so about the ideal of what they wear — it’s escapism.

While French and Italian designers have always been at the forefront of luxury fashion, everyone from Urban Outfitters to LA-based brand Miaou is getting in on the inspiration. 

And for those Gen Zers really in the know, they’re on the hunt for the vintage looks of Roberto Cavalli and Jean Paul Gaultier. Some things are always in style.


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