Fashion gets an update with Roblox and Parsons School of Design

Class is wrapping up on the collaborative course between Parsons and Roblox.

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The Future. The nine students who have taken the virtual fashion course at Parsons (in partnership with Roblox) have discovered both the possibilities and limitations of the art form. If Roblox can age up its user base and turn it into a virtual social hub, clothing may play an outsized role in expressing avatars… but that’s only if the metaverse can survive cultural indifference

Digital degree
Class is wrapping up on the collaborative course between Parsons and Roblox

Here are some of the takeaways from the semester:

  • While working without physical restraints is fun, one student, Lea Melendez, discovered that her design was actually too complex to upload onto the platform.
  • Still, many of the students see the skills learned as a great way to mix real-world and digital design, like making virtual versions of IRL looks.

Although the clothing will sell for between 70 to 100 Robux (88 cents to $1.25), there’s potentially some solid money to be made — Epic Games made $50 million from in-game skins designed by the NFL. 

And with Roblox trying to shift the user base from teens to people 17-24, there may soon be a larger audience that would take the clothing seriously.

David Vendrell

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