F*** You Pay Me app tackles creator-pay disparities

App FYPM (F*** You Pay Me) is essentially the “Glassdoor for influencers.”

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F*** You Pay Me app tackles creator-pay disparities


Future. A new app called F*** You Pay Me is essentially the “Glassdoor for influencers.” It allows creators to compare rates, review brands, and make sure that they’re not being taken advantage of. The app is a natural progression of creators demanding what they’re owed… and it may be the impetus behind the growth of direct monetization features on social platforms. Soon, influencers may no longer need brands to make a living.

“Glassdoor for influencers”
F*** You Pay Me (FYPM) wants to make sure influencers are getting the rates they deserve.

  • The app allows digital creators to “leave reviews of brands they have worked with, share ad rates, and give and get other crucial information for negotiating sponsored content deals.”
  • The goal is to help creators get paid what they deserve, and not get taken advantage of by brands.
  • Creators can check the going rates on brand deals across platforms such as Twitter, Clubhouse, Substack, Instagram and OnlyFans
  • Creators can also break down those rates by categories such location, niche, and brand type.

FYPM, which is still fundraising, has already signed up 1,500 creators who have posted 2,000 reviews across 1,300 different brands.

Brand squeeze
Co-founders Lindsey Lee Lugrin and Isha Mehra said that the brash nature of their app’s name is so that there wouldn’t be “any doubt from the creator side of things who this is for.” Makes sense when you take into consideration what creators are up against in the influencer economy.

  • Most influencers don’t have representation, but instead make deals through informal channels such as DMs.
  • There are no standard pay rates, and creators typically take on multiple roles in creating content.

FYPM isn’t the first company created out of the frustration of low pay from brands. Platforms like CollabstrBrands Behaving BadlyWe Don’t Work for Free, and Influencer Pay Gap are all fulfilling the need for greater transparency. Brands, take notice.

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