Gen Z wants work to work better

Gen Z is slowing down, marking boundaries, and well… quitting.

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Gen Z wants work to work better


The Future. Gen Z is slowing down, marking boundaries, and well… quitting. While that logic may seem antithetical to an uncertain economic future (COVID, inflation, wage stagnation), young workers are taking these early years to reset their relationship with work… which could be a collective rejection of the workaholic, productivity-at-all-costs ethos of Millennials that contributed to an epidemic of burnout.

Productivity pause
Gen Z wants to work differently.

  • A recent NYT article detailed how 20-somethings are “delegating to their boss, asking for mental health days, working less once they’ve accomplished their tasks for the day, and setting their own hours.”
  • Guardian piece says that Gen Z is instituting a “slow-up,” in which workers are purposely less productive and are more adamant about separating their work and life.
  • Much has been said about the “Great Resignation,” but LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky says it’s more of a “Great Reshuffle” — workers are bouncing around to find a job that balances paying the bills and providing fulfillment.

LinkedIn found that job changing among Gen Z has increased by 80%, while a study by Personal Capital and The Harris Poll found that 91% are “keen” to switch jobs. And there’s no longer a shame associated with quitting — HuffPost reports that quitting your job is a TikTok trend!

While this may scare employers and the government alike, anticipating a slowdown in economic recovery post-COVID, experts believe things should settle down in the next couple of years… and may actually be good for society as a whole. A professor at Northwestern University’s School of Education and Social Policy, Hannes Schwandt, says, “In the end, a more flexible work-life gives you a broader horizon.” We could all use a little more vision.


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