The office holiday party gets a modern makeover

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The Future. Holiday parties are losing the hallmarks of the season as some companies plan more inclusive, experiential, and, well, “holiday-light” events. While the shift is meant to encourage employee camaraderie and work celebration, the parties may be missing a very particular sort of spirit that comes from the cultural touchstone of Christmas and the holiday season… which may make the new parties feel like any ole party.

Tinsel and teetotaling 
The office holiday party is losing a little Christmas magic these days, according to Bloomberg.

  • Many companies are switching things up, opting for outdoor activities like pickleball, hosting virtual murder mysteries and guacamole-making competitions, and, if they do want to touch on the season, “winter-wonderland” shindigs.
  • And for global brands, the idea is to plan festivities that are hyper local to regional offices — like Edgewell Personal Care Co. planning a candle-making class for its France-based employees, while sending its Connecticut staff to a hockey game.
  • To accommodate the various types of parties, event firms like and Glow Events have popped up to remake the holiday festivities.

What ultimately led to the downplaying of Secret Santas, Christmas trees, and mistletoes? Companies really don’t want to make drinking central to the end-of-the-year parties — a tide change post #MeToo, COVID, and a push for more sensitivity in the workplace. The new experiences try to put an emphasis on team-building and celebration without the need for an open bar.

No one wants a party to end in a lawsuit.

David Vendrell

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