Actors put themselves up for auction

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The Future. The Union Solidarity Coalition’s eBay auction to support struggling Hollywood crews is going viral and raising some serious cash thanks to creative ideas and star power. It’s building to be another successful cross-union fundraiser for TUSC, which raised $315,000 in July for the same cause. With a bevy of similar events going down as the strikes roll on, the fundraisers may become a staple whenever any entertainment union is out on strike. 

Supporting roles
TUSC’s eBay auction has become the talk of the town.

  • Some offerings include having Natasha Lyonne help you solve the NYT Sunday crossword via Zoom (the bid is at $6,100) or having Adam Scott walk your dog in LA for an hour (the bid is at $2,500).
  • There are a lot of options, with all the proceeds going to cover health care costs for film and TV crew members who are out of work due to the dual strikes.
  • The auction is live until Friday, September 22nd at 4 p.m. PT.

TUSC founding member Susanna Fogel (The Spy Who Dumped Me, Booksmart) said the auction serves two important purposes for the organization: “It’s a way to raise money, but it’s also a way to demonstrate that we take care of each other.”

Unsurprisingly, the auction has gone viral, inspiring some brilliant parodies on X, like “varnish a cabinet with David Lynch for $10,000” and “having Toni Collette scream at you from across a dinner table for $10,000.”

Those are hilariously great, and only continue to spread awareness for the auction, drum up bids on offerings, and entice more actors to join the action.


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