Hollywood writers strike after negotiations fail

This writers strike will be costly.

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The Writers’ Guild of America (WGA) went on strike yesterday after negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) failed. The strike could cost California billions — especially if it drives actors and directors to join them.

That’s all, folks
As a result of the strike — the first in 15 years — many live shows have already stopped production.

  • The WGA asked for higher wages and residuals, better benefits and pension plans, and protections against AI writing and “mini-rooms.”
  • The AMPTP offered to increase compensation and streaming residuals but refused to meet the union’s demands for mandatory staffing and duration of employment requirements, which would guarantee that a set amount of writers be paid for a set period of time to work on a show.
  • According to the WGA, this refusal creates a gig economy within a union workforce and makes agreement impossible.

Strike one…
This strike will be costly. It’s also likely to embolden the screen actors’ and directors’ guilds when they renegotiate their contracts in June. If they strike, say goodbye to your television… and maybe the economy.

Luke Perrotta


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