Major studios to suspend deals amid writers strike

The writers strike has led to multiple studios moving to suspend deals.

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The Future. Amid chaos from the writers strike, major TV studios have begun to send out letters to writers and producers that deals are being suspended. As the fallout from the strike ripples through the entertainment community, the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers may need to reconsider their position. 

Press pause
According to Variety, the writers strike has led to multiple studios moving to suspend deals.

  • HBO, Warner Bros. TV, NBCUniversal, Disney, CBS Studios, Amazon, and other studios will reportedly be suspending some first-look and overall deals.
  • Letters were said to have gone out Thursday and Friday, followed by formal letters on Monday. 
  • Verbiage used often noted that the Producer was reserving all rights and remedies/not waiving any rights “as a matter of law or equity”/”at law or in equity.” 

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Of note, studios aren’t necessarily terminating deals altogether — just pausing payments as the strike continues. But if the strike continues for an extended period of time (the 2007-2008 writer’s strike lasted for 100 days), it wouldn’t be out of the question. Some think that deals could start getting terminated… as soon as in a couple of weeks. 


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