Hugo Boss fits building-size hologram models

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The Future. German fashion brand Hugo Boss took over the London skyline on Tuesday night with a pair of high-profile holograms of supermodel Gisele Bündchen and South Korean star Lee Min-ho — allegedly making Hugo Boss the first brand to launch a campaign with the tech. Considering how sophisticated hologram tech has become, Hugo Boss could roll out a walking hologram model during its next runway show.

Godzilla couture 
Hugo Boss may as well just go ahead and change its slogan to “be your own big boss” with its latest marketing stunt.

  • The 33-foot tall holograms of Bündchen and Min-ho were projected for several hours by the iconic Tower Bridge in London.
  • The holograms were created using “an array of transparent LED screens displaying video that was specially shot on a turning platform with specific lighting to create the 3D effect,” per Business of Fashion.
  • Smoke effects and choreographed light displays were also added during the projection “to create a sense of realism and depth.”

Hugo Boss’ holograms were meant to disrupt not just the typical, social media-centric fashion market, but also your literal commute… as evidenced by people capturing photos of them while driving.

That sort of tech-enabled innovation is a pillar of the brand’s five-point strategy to boost revenue by 2025. Hopefully, the holograms lead to some larger-than-life sales.

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