Texting somehow becomes cool again

Social influencers are using text-messages to create one-on-one interactions with fans and drive e-commerce.

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Texting somehow becomes cool again


Future. Social influencers are using text-messages, which often include affiliate links like the ones created by MagicLinks, to create one-on-one interactions with fans and drive e-commerce. But as influencers realize that sending texts with links could quickly get old to followers, they may have to treat text messaging as text equivalents of Stories — and use them to give followers a unique peek into their lives.

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Text chains are trending thanks to the growing direct-to-fan economy.

  • Influencers on TikTok and Instagram are using text messages with affiliate links to enable followers to, well… click links and buy things.
  • Influencers are using platforms such as the MagicLinks app ObsessedWith.it.
  • These apps generate specialized links, while MagicLinks’ text-marketing tool, Text2Shop, helps drive sales.

TikTok influencer Nazjaa Hughson has brought in about $15,000 in sales since she started using MagicLinks in April 2020, while Instagram influencer Delaney Childs raked in $12,000 in October 2020 alone.

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Affiliate messaging is becoming popular because it gives fans the feeling that they are talking one-on-one with their favorite influencers… even if these numbers are just created for sales purposes.

Yet the system is clearly working. MagicLinks claims that it makes five times more from influencers using the Text2Shop platform than those that just post the MagicLinks’ link on Instagram or TikTok.

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