Lionel Messi heads to Miami with a cut of MLS Season Pass

Messi will get a share of revenue generated by new subscribers to Apple TV+’s MLS Season Pass.

Together with

The Future. Lionel Messi is leaving Europe for the first time in his professional career to join the ranks of Major League Soccer’s Inter Miami after his deal with Paris Saint-Germain concludes this summer. With a cut of Apple’s MLS Season Pass as part of the offer, Messi’s deal could be as lucrative as when Michael Jordan was given a slice of the revenue from Nike’s Air Jordans.

Big score
With his move from Paris to Miami (and snubbing Saudi Arabia’s $400 million offer), Messi may be getting the best deal ever offered in soccer.

  • The cash offer hasn’t been disclosed, but Messi will get a share of the revenue generated by new subscribers to Apple TV+’s MLS Season Pass — the first deal of its kind.
  • He’ll also get a cut of the profits from a deal with adidas, which is making soccer central to its strategy — CEO Bjørn Gulden wants to create a “street culture” around soccer fashion like basketball has.
  • Lastly, he’ll get the option to purchase an ownership percentage of an MLS team, as David Beckham did with the LA Galaxy.

By moving to Miami, Messi also gets the chance to be at the center of the city’s vibrant Argentine community and welcome his native country’s new national soccer training center that’s being built  there, per Hypebeast.

And with Miami serving as a host city for the 2026 World Cup, prepare for fans worldwide to flock to its shores for the chance to see Messi on his new home turf.

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