NBA star Jimmy Butler makes exclusive coffee

Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler is turning his love for coffee into a bonafide business.

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NBA star Jimmy Butler makes exclusive coffee


The Future. Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler is turning his love for coffee into a bonafide business — BIGFACE. Utilizing a creator partnership with Shopify and the buzz of NFTs (which has been great for the NBA), Butler may be writing the playbook for the coffee brand of the future.

Jimmy Butler may make big money with basketball, but he’s found a new passion, making coffee with BIGFACE.

  • Butler joined Shopify’s creator program to open his BIGFACE coffee storefront.
  • He’s selling 4 different bean blends via limited-edition NFTs that will cost $500.
  • They include “stories about the sourcing and farmers who harvested the coffee, instructions on the best brewing methods, plus future access to new releases.”
  • He’ll also sell branded merchandise like coffee mugs and hoodies.

Eventually, Butler wants to open his own cafe.

Bubble beta
The idea for BIGFACE came from last year’s NBA COVID bubble in Orlando. Dissatisfied with the existing coffee options at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, Butler started selling coffee he had sourced from El Salvador for $20 per cup (no matter the size or style of coffee). It turned out to be a hit, making a dent in players’ $2,000 per diem(!)…much to the annoyance of his Heat teammates.

As part of Shopify’s creator program, Butler will get to keep all the revenue from the sales, and in exchange, the e-commerce platform will be able to use Butler’s likeness in advertising. Looks like Butler has his post-NBA career all figured out.

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