John Legend puts up-and-coming artists on the blockchain with OurSong

John Legend is launching NFT platform OurSong to help new artists make some money.

Together with

The Future. John Legend is launching NFT platform OurSong to help new artists make some money. The platform hopes to create a unique fan club for musicians based on digital cards that grant access to a variety of perks. While NFT platforms for entertainers seem to be a dime a dozen, the inclusion of Legend as a guiding voice for artists may make OurSong a standout.

Fan club
John Legend wants to use the blockchain to break out emerging artists.

  • Along with digital music service KKBOX CEO Chris Lin, Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin, and Cherubic Ventures founder Matt Cheng, Legend is launching OurSong.
  • OurSong is getting in on the NFT game, allowing musicians to monetize their work on the platform.
  • How is this different from any other NFT platform? The digital cards that artists put up for sale will come with unique privileges, such as “access to unreleased music or private chat rooms.”
  • Transactions won’t require users to have a crypto wallet.

Legend will serve as the company’s chief impact officer and will be in charge of bringing in up-and-coming artists.

OurSong is not the only platform hoping to get in on the ground floor of promising acts with blockchain tech. Music discovery platform LÜM is evolving into an NFT-first platform, giving musicians the ability to sell exclusive experiences, content, and even merch.

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