Jony Ive is helping OpenAI build the “iPhone of artificial intelligence”

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The Future. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is plotting an AI hardware device that would be designed by Jony Ive — the designer of the iPhone. The project is still in early stages, and an ultimate design of the mysterious device still hasn’t been decided, but whatever it ends up being could one day join our smartphone and wallet as a staple of our pockets.

The CEO of the most prominent AI company in the world and Apple’s former design chief are joining forces.

  • Sam Altman is in discussions with Jony Ive and his LoveFrom firm to design a device that would make interacting with ChatGPT a “more natural and intuitive user experience” — especially now that it can talk to you.
  • The project already has a $1 billion investment from Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son — who’s pushing for the duo to use Arm microchips (he holds a 90% stake in the company, so he’s hoping for a massive windfall).

The hope is to create an experience that doesn’t rely on screens to be functional — a similar ambition of the secretive startup Humane (of which Altman is a backer).

The Verge notes it’ll be fascinating to see how Ive squares his belief that companies should try to diminish unintended consequences that could arise from new technologies — he believes Apple has a “moral responsibility” to deal with the addictiveness of smartphones — with the creation of a handheld AI device.

We can’t think of anything that could have more unintended consequences.


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