Kanye West drops Donda… as a hardware device

Kanye is releasing a hardware music device.

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Kanye West drops Donda… as a hardware device


The Future. Kanye is releasing a hardware music device called the Donda Stem Player, which will allow people to remix his forthcoming album, Donda. In the same way Kanye enjoys tinkering endlessly with his music, the Donda Stem Player may allow fans to become part of that process… making Ye’s music an ever-evolving playground of creativity.

Craft a Kanye
Kanye is escalating his nonstop tease tour for his newest album, Donda, by inviting fans to remix the songs themselves. Kanye announced the Donda Stem Player — a hardware music player that allows users to “customize any song.”

  • The tan, hockey-puck shaped device was made in partnership with the rapper’s Yeezy Tech brand and electronics company Kano.
  • It has all the expected bells and whistles: USB port, headphone jack, bluetooth support, speakers, and 8GB of storage.
  • It also has “touch sensitive light sliders,” which lets users:
    • Control vocals, drums, bass, and samples
    • Isolate parts
    • Add effects
    • Split any song into stems

Meanwhile, the Stem Player site allows users to then fully produce these remixes. You can see the device in action here.

Done with being done
The Donda Stem Player is available to pre-order for $200, and is set to release sometime this “summer” (but never trust a Ye deadline). A very similar device was teased back in March, but somehow didn’t get widely shared… so it seems the player has been in development for a while.

Speaking of the actual album, iTunes says that it’s set to release on August 29, so fans may expect the player to be available around the same time. Meanwhile, Kanye is prepping the third of his stadium-listening parties, which have acted as beta tests for the album — one which he’s constantly tinkering with.

The Donda Stem Player seems to come from the same ethos.

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