Kevin Smith to distribute film as NFT so audiences can continue the story

Kevin Smith is releasing his next film 'KillRoy Was Here' as an NFT.

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Kevin Smith to distribute film as NFT so audiences can continue the story


Future. Renowned filmmaker Kevin Smith is not just releasing his next film, KillRoy Was Here, as an NFT (the first of its kind), but he’s also giving NFT holders the opportunity to become collaborators in the franchise. By giving each owner their own KillRoy character — that can be used in any way imaginable — Smith’s experiment may just make fan-fiction canon by turning IP into an ever-expanding, generative franchise.

Mint a movie

Kevin Smith (Clerks, Mallrats, Tusk) is inviting audiences to become collaborators in his new film, KillRoy Was Here — a horror anthology about a creature that kills evil adults at the behest of victimized kids.

  • It will be the first film to ever be minted and distributed as an NFT, which will include the movie itself, exclusive and behind-the-scenes content, and a commentary track.
  • Only 5,555 NFTs will be available in the coming months.

Smith is able to make his movie scarce through Secret Network’s NFT platform, Legendao, which allows creators to program NFTs to only be decrypted by their owners (and others that the owners allow) using a special “crypto key,” building an exclusive mystery box around collections… and letting creators maintain ownership even when sharing their projects.

YOUR KillRoy

But here’s the real kicker: each NFT is unique to the user, giving them their very own KillRoy. What does that mean? Like the rights afforded to holders of a Bored Ape, users can use the KillRoy materials however they please — “make your own movie, turn it into a cartoon, license him for lunchboxes!”

As an added bonus, a sampling of short films or animations made with the KillRoy character by NFT holders will be used from KillRoy NFT holders as a part of a planned sequel… giving fans the “opportunity to go from art collector to collaborating artist.”

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