Luxury loses the logos

Fashion is starting to ditch the ostentatious logo

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The Future. Taking cues from culture-making shows like Succession,the TikTok trend of “quiet luxury,” and the courtroom looks of Gwyenth Paltrow (lol), fashion is starting to ditch the ostentatious logo for something far more subtle. The new ”logoless” movement may not necessarily be a sign of style humility as much as a “let the material speak for itself” flexing.

Silent flex
Are the days of spotlighting the luxury logo over?

  • Fashion wholesale platform Joor reported that North American sales for logo-heavy products have dropped 43% this year.
  • That’s a strong reason why major fashion houses have started to invest more in their more logo-light brands, like LVMH with Loro Piana and Kering Bottega Veneta.
  • Zegna, a Succession-favorite, has also reported that sales last year were better than expected and look very strong this year.
  • And the finalists for the LVMH Prize, one of the top awards in fashion and a signal of coming trends, were much more focused on the materials than the logo.

In the words of Basile Khadiry, who co-founded renowned French menswear review L’Étiquette, “A lot of people no longer feel the need to distinguish themselves with a logo to show what tribe they belong to. They’re ready to love clothes for other reasons: the quality, the style.”

So long, logo-hungry clout chasers.


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