The metaverse is ISO architects

Top metaverse platforms are experiencing a booming market in architectural development.

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The metaverse is ISO architects


Future. Top metaverse platforms are experiencing a booming market in architectural development thanks to an increase of brands, real estate developers, and art galleries entering the space. While the demand for work is already skyrocketing, the coming future (where every real home has an identical counterpart in the metaverse) could mean that all architects will soon be building in the digital realm.

Worlds to build
Architects are enjoying a spike in demand to build untapped regions of the metaverse.

  • Voxel Architects, founded by George Bileca and Leandro Bellone, has built 80 structures in two years, including car showrooms, galleries, and amphitheaters.
  • Future Is Meta, founded by Weronika Marciniak, is fielding $50,000 offers to build a building that should take only a month to construct.

Both Bileca and Marciniak told Input that the beauty of virtual spaces is how they can be made without the consideration of gravity or government regulations. Marciniak’s specialty is in designing interactive spaces, such as a music school that teaches visitors how to create music by interacting with the exhibit.

Endless construction
It’s no wonder that virtual architects are commanding so much per job, especially considering how fast digital spaces have grown in value over just the past year. The average price for a plot of land in the four main metaverse platforms (The Sandbox, Decentraland, Cryptovoxels, and Somnium Space) doubled between June and December 2021 to an average of $12,000.

Crypto-management firm Grayscale forecasts that the metaverse industry could hit a trillion dollars in the near future. And with seemingly every IRL experience having a virtual double, that doesn’t seem far off.

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