Heir opens up membership to your favorite athletes

Michael Jordan-backed NFT platform called Heir

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Heir opens up membership to your favorite athletes


The Future. A Michael Jordan-backed NFT platform called Heir wants to build blockchain-based communities around athletes, endowing them with the ability to monetize their biggest fans. While this isn’t the first time the direct-to-fan economy transforms an industry, it may be the first chance for athletes to directly make money without a salary, middleman, or endorsements… before they ever step foot on the court.

Huddle up
Heir wants to let you make a bet on your favorite athlete.

  • The platform allows fans to buy an NFT for membership into a “Huddle” — a fan group for an athlete.
  • Huddle memberships unlock exclusive experiences with the athlete, like syncing up with an athlete’s Spotify before a game.
  • There are only a limited number of spaces available per Huddle (which is based on a percentage of their current following on social platforms).
  • That means that once it sells out, you need to wait for someone to resell their NFT to join.
  • As the athlete becomes more popular, so too does the value of the Huddle membership (basic supply and demand).

But here’s what makes it great for athletes: they make a percentage of every transaction on the platform that is related to them, including the resale of Huddle memberships or the purchase of any other branded NFTs (such as content and merch).

Fan service
Why would athletes sign up for Heir? Well, it’s the first product from holding company Heir, Inc., led by the GOAT Michael Jordan, his son Jeffrey Jordan, Steph Curry’s former business partner Jeron Smith, and Limitless Creative founder Daniel George. That’s stacked talent who know the basketball industry inside and out. And investors agree — they’ve already poured $10 million into the company.

Heir hopes to “reimagine the traditional creator-fan relationship, through a digital-first experience [and] empower athletes to monetize their supporters around the world” — no different than the creator revolution that has revolutionized industries, from music to gaming.

David Vendrell

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