Michigan unveils the highway of the future

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The Future. Cavnue, a subsidiary of Alphabet’s Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners, cut the tape on the pilot of a planned 40-mile connected upgrade of Michigan’s I-94. As drivers start testing the technology, several companies could build out independent connected corridors throughout the country… and eventually stitch them all into a new high-tech highway system that makes autonomous driving and EVs a seamless transition for Americans.

Road R&D
A three-mile stretch of highway between Detroit and Ann Arbor may now be the most high-tech open road in the world.

  • Cavnue’s connected corridor will start by using cameras, sensors, and AI to warn connected vehicles about road conditions, inclement weather, and hazards up ahead.
  • It’ll soon be used to map traffic patterns to ease congestion and help vehicles drive more efficiently.
  • The hope is that the road can be used to safely deploy autonomous vehicles (which Cavnue expects to be about half of cars by the early 2030s), letting drivers sit back and relax while the car and road are in communication.

Not every car driving the corridor needs to respond to Cavnue’s alerts to be effective. A study published in Transportation Research Procedia found that just one out of every 100 cars responding to alerts could help curb “phantom” trafficthat traffic that seemingly happens for no reason.

Cavnue is already working on another connected corridor near Austin, Texas.

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