MSCHF turns the SAT into a battleground

MSCHF is satirizing the competition, rewards, and double standards of standardized testing.

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Future. MSCHF is at it again, this time satirizing the competition, rewards, and double standards of your favorite high school stress: the SATs. While the test, dubbed the MSAT, isn’t likely to change any high school’s mind about the absurdity of the test, MSCHF could hopefully help some students de-stress before they have to take the real thing.

Welcome to The SAT Games
MSCHF is taking aim at the competitive nature of standardized tests.

  • The art collective and internet provocateur’s newest project is a skewering of the SAT, dubbed the MSAT.
  • The multiple-choice MSAT costs $52 to enter, and the person who gets the highest score will win the whole entrance-fee pot.

Registration is currently open, with the timed three-hour-and-forty-minute test taking place this Saturday at noon (ET).

Open book
So, what’s in the test? It’s a modified version of a practice SAT, so reading, writing, and arithmetic are all represented. And, since the test is taken online, MSCHF is actually encouraging test takers to cheat.

MSCHF founder Daniel Greenberg said, “College admissions are already a contest, but instead of winning money, a significant portion of players win a mountain of debt. Plus, college admissions are mostly about cheating — rich parents, legacies, and sports are much more likely to get you into Harvard than your test scores are. So, the MSAT is all about cheating! How much can you game an unrestricted online SAT? Let’s find out!”

The winner could maybe use the funds toward some of that future college debt.


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