Coldplay’s tour is a big success at creating a small footprint

Their accomplishments never came at the expense of spectacle.

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The Future. Coldplay made good on its promise to make its “Music of the Spheres” tour as green as possible, nearly hitting its ambitious goal of reducing its carbon footprint by 50%. The best part? Their accomplishments never came at the expense of spectacle, and their model may well serve as a blueprint for the rest of the touring industry to get more green without sacrificing the scene.

Electric encore
Backed up by Professor John E. Fernandez of MIT’s Environmental Solutions Initiative, Coldplay shared some of their tour sustainability stats.

  • It’s produced 47% less emissions than their last stadium tour.
  • 100% of the show’s production is powered by an electric battery system charged in part by kinetic dance floors and stationary bikes.
  • 86% of the reusable, plant-based LED wristbands given out to the audience have been returned.
  • 66% of the tour waste has been diverted from landfills.
  • A tree has been planted for each concertgoer thus far — about 5 million to date.

Looks like the tour brought in plenty of green, too — over 7 million tickets have been sold since March 2022.


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