Teens are bullying Snapchat’s chatbot

Snapchat users are abusing the platform’s new My AI.

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The Future. Turns out it’s not the parents who should be afraid of AI’s effect on their kids, but Snapchat that should be afraid of kids’ effect on their AI. Young users are bullying Snap’s new “My AI” feature for bloodsport… which may be a great reminder that if your most influential user base is openly mocking a new feature, it’s best not to double down on it.

Punched in the AI
Snapchat users are abusing the platform’s new My AI.

  • The new TikTok trend is sharing videos of people “gaslighting, degrading, and emotionally tormenting” My AI, per TechCrunch.
  • That includes users making the AI seem to fall in love with them, convincing it to give them a recipe for cooking their cat, and forcing it to talk about its mother (no, AI doesn’t have a mom).
  • The whole thing usually starts by trying to get My AI to solve a minor conflict… and then quickly ramping up the absurdity.

The trend is meant to show how easy it is to skirt around My AI’s adherence to Snapchat’s trust and safety guidelines — with enough prodding, victory can be achieved.

But for those who get caught pushing the chatbot beyond its boundaries/limitations, My AI has enough self-awareness (or the programmers do) to end the conversation and say, “Sorry, we’re not speaking right now.”

Kids can be so cruel.

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