Netflix plans to build physical entertainment hubs

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The Future. Netflix plans on opening themed stores around the world, dubbed Netflix Houses, where fans can shop, dine, and maybe even try out branded experiences. The concept will start with two locations in the US, and we wouldn’t be surprised if they’re developed as outgrowths from the recently renovated Egyptian Theatre in LA and Paris Theater in NYC — both owned by the streamer.

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Netflix House aims to be the Disney Store of the streaming industry… but with a few more flourishes.

  • According to Netflix’s VP of consumer products, Josh Simon, they’ll feature retail space, dining options, and live experiences, such as Netflix’s popular Bridgerton ball.
  • The first two US locations will open by 2025, and the concept will eventually expand to international locations (the data points to Seoul, London, and Madrid as top options).
  • Food-wise, it’s an extension of the company’s recent Netflix Bites pop-up in LA and will include a range of “fast-casual to more high-end dining,” reports Bloomberg (and expect the menu options to be tied to original programming).

Netflix House likely won’t matter much on the streamer’s balance sheet. But, as a way to market films and shows and take steps toward building revenue-rich entertainment destinations like Disney and Universal, it could be an important seed.

However, Netflix may need a few more successful franchises to really cement the foundation.


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