Netflix takes a swing at live sports

Netflix is toying with the idea of live-streaming a celebrity golf tournament.

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The Future. Netflix is possibly taking its live-streaming experimentation to the world of sports this fall with a Las Vegas-set golf tournament. If it isn’t a miss, the streamer may start to go headfirst into the sports-bidding fray… and have the beginnings of a new strategy to attract advertisers.

Greenlight on the green
Following every other major streaming service, Netflix is getting into live sports.

  • Netflix is toying with the idea of live-streaming a celebrity golf tournament that will feature names from its Formula 1 series, Drive to Survive, and its golf series, Full Swing.
  • It’s seen as a way for Netflix to dip its toes in the live sports space without having to commit right away to buy the broadcast rights to a major league.
  • That’s because Netflix, one of the few pure-play streaming companies, hasn’t really found a way to make live sports a profitable business venture.

That’s not to say that Netflix hasn’t bid on sports rights. It made a play for Formula 1 (an obvious strategy) but lost out to ESPN. It also made efforts for tennis and cycling events and some other lower-level leagues, according to WSJ.

Netflix’s hope is that the celebrity golf tournament will go over more like its Chris Rock comedy special than the Love is Blind reunion.


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