Netflix loads up gaming strategy

Netflix is looking for a top exec for its gaming division.

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Netflix loads up gaming strategy


Future. Netflix is looking for a top exec for its gaming division, which would surely push the streamer further into the lead in the race to win over subscribers in the streaming war… but it might also force Netflix to also enter the hardware business so people can play the games on their TV. If the division takes off, Netflix may also be at the forefront of innovating interactive storytelling and cross-pollination between entertainment and gaming on the same platform.

Que up the candidates
Netflix is looking for talent… in video games.

  • The streamer is reportedly looking to hire a veteran exec to run its burgeoning video game division.
  • It’s toying with a few different ideas for the division, including offering a bundle of games (a la Apple Arcade), licensing titles from outside companies, or developing them in house.
  • But one thing Netflix definitely won’t include in its games is advertising.

Stream dream
Netflix’s gaming ambitions are a natural evolution for the streamer, which is not just fighting for dominance in film and TV but really for audience eyeballs in general.

  • Co-CEO Reed Hastings said that Fortnite is more of a competitor than other streaming services because of how much time people spend playing.
  • The streamer has slowly built up its interactive division, which released the buzzy Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, in order to experiment with the intersection of entertainment and gaming.

If Netflix does add gaming to its subscription service, it’ll find itself in competition with Xbox’s Game Pass and PS Now… but it’ll have the benefit of over 200 million subscribers and strong brand loyalty.

The company has dipped its toe in gaming before. It released a series of Stranger Things video games, which were made by outside developers.


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