Netflix launches Tudum to editorialize itself

Netflix launches Tudum to editorialize itself


The Future. Netflix has started its own editorial site, Tudum, which will curate stories and news algorithmically curated to what users watch on the service. While it will act as a great hub for all things Netflix (especially behind-the-scenes content that has all but disappeared after the end of the DVD era), the site’s expected SEO-friendly content may force independent news sources to ditch fluffy press releases in order to separate themselves from the pack.

Control the narrative
Netflix wants to break the news itself.

  • The streamer launched a website called Tudum, which will publish content around all things Netflix.
  • Existing under Netflix’s marketing division (of course), the site has already shored up a full team of writers and editors.
  • Like Netflix itself, Tudum curates its stories based on each unique viewer’s viewing habits (on devices where they are logged into Netflix).
  • Soon, it will include news coverage, consumer questions, and (we’re sure) trivia.

Currently, Tudum is only available in English.

Hype generator

This isn’t Netflix’s first rodeo when it comes to publishing. The streamer has overseen more niche editorial channels like Strong Black LeadGeekedNetflix is a Joke, and Con Todo for years. It even runs an awards-centric mag, in both physical and digital form, called Queue.

But the success of Netflix’s fan event, which is also called Tudum, probably made Netflix think that they should make that brand awareness more of a year-round endeavor.