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The Future. TKO scored a big win by signing a $5 billion, ten-year deal with Netflix for its most popular WWE fight package, Raw. The announcement has already given TKO’s stock a boost, solidified Netflix’s new “drama of sports” strategy for live-sports deals, and made Dwayne Johnson the spokesperson for it all. Don’t be surprised if big Netflix titles start featuring some wrestling talent from Raw in the hopes of discovering the next Johnson, Cena, or Bautista.

Something’s cookin’
Netflix’s long-term deal with WWE is a boon for both the streamer and the Endeavor-controlled fight giant TKO.

  • Netflix gets exclusive rights to Raw, which it’ll roll out to subscribers in the US, Canada, and Latin America at no extra charge starting in January 2025.
  • It also exclusively licensed all of WWE’s other shows and specials (Wrestlemania, SmackDown, etc.) for all regions outside of the US, even giving subscribers pay-per-view events for free.
  • Additionally, the deal gives the streamer the rights to WWE’s documentaries and original series. The companies are also discussing the production of a behind-the-scenes docuseries akin to Drive to Survive.

And for ultimate synergy, TKO announced that Dwayne Johnson (a client of Endeavor’s WME) will join the company’s board, getting full trademark rights to “The Rock” moniker and providing promotional services, netting him $30 million in stock through 2025.

Since Johnson is one of the biggest stars in Netflix’s stable, it’s a marketing win for the streamer as well.

David Vendrell

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