Netflix finally counts its audience

Netflix Nielsens itself

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The Future. Netflix has updated how it measures viewership on the platform; now, people can see approximately how many people have watched its popular movies and shows. It’s not a perfect metric, but the changes could transform everything from what kind of shows make the top ten list (prepare for a lot more half-hour comedies and movies that require more word of mouth) to how creatives are able to telegraph the success of their projects.

People data
Netflix is Nielsening itself.

  • In addition to its total hours viewed metric, the streamer is introducing a “views” metric — average viewership for a film or show — calculated by dividing total hours watched by total runtime.
  • It’ll apply for all the titles in its weekly Top 10 rankings and all-time Most Popular lists.
  • Also, Netflix is expanding the measurement window to 91 days from 28 days, which will give movies and shows more time to catch on with audiences and grow in viewership.

The changes have already shifted popularity rankings on the platform, with Wednesday now taking the top English-language series spot over Stranger Things Vol. 4

That’s because the fourth season of Stranger Things was nearly twice as long as Wednesday, which previously skewed the rankings in its favor — the longer the show, the more hours watched.


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