Neuralink implants its first human patient

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The Future. Eight months after receiving FDA approval to start human trials, Neuralink has officially undergone its first human procedure. If the test goes well and ultimately has more functionality than the brain chips of rival firms, Neuralink may eventually partner with Elon Musk’s xAI to program the first head operating system.

Musk mind
Neuralink is online and in someone’s head.

  • Musk posted on X that the first unidentified human (although it’s someone who has “lost the use of their limbs”) received the brain-computer interface device, which is being called “Telepathy.”
  • The patient is allegedly “recovering well,” and the device shows good “neuron spike detection” — which seems to mean that all is starting to function as it should.
  • Aside from those updates, there was no other data or photo provided, so outside researchers and regulators can’t verify the status of the patient and the device.

Word of the procedure has already traveled fast. X is blowing up with memes of, well, heads blowing up, which we’re guessing isn’t making Musk very happy.

But, to be fair, Neuralink isn’t the only player in the head space game that has human patients — Synchron, Precision Neuroscience, and Blackrock Neurotech have already successfully undergone human trials. Come to think of it, that may upset Musk more than mocking posts on X.

David Vendrell

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