Minecraft is already a working metaverse

An NFT collective called "NFT Worlds" is selling the code for unique worlds inside Minecraft.

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Minecraft is already a working metaverse


Future. An NFT collective called “NFT Worlds” is selling the code for unique worlds inside Minecraft. The goal is to create interconnected but decentralized digital worlds on top of the popular game that will be stored on the blockchain. While Minecraft-owner Microsoft has nothing to do with any of these metaverse-hopefuls, they may welcome the usage as a way to compete with more splashy (but less developed) platforms like Decentraland and The Sandbox.

Game the system
Why build a new metaverse when you already have a perfectly good one available?

  • NFT Worlds has created 10,000 “fully decentralized, fully customizable, community-driven, play-to-earn” Minecraft worlds.
  • Each NFT contains a “world seed,” code that generates a Minecraft world and which allows holders to create and build their very own world on the blockchain.
  • To connect it to other independent worlds (the whole point of a metaverse), the holder can set up a server.
  • NFT Worlds also has “verified builders” in residence to help holders program their “metaverse experiences.”

While anyone can technically build a world within Minecraft, NFT Worlds effectively puts these worlds on the blockchain, making them resellable. It also has its own proprietary cryptocurrency, dubbed “$WRLD,” that can be used in all the to-be-built environments.

Clearly, people are into it — NFT Worlds has already generated $90 million in trading, even though it gave the 10,000 worlds away for free and only makes money from “royalties and secondary sales.” Worlds are currently going for a minimum of $45,000.

Build on top
NFT Worlds chose Minecraft for their offering because it already has a “thriving ecosystem” …and they aren’t alone in thinking that.

  • An NFT collective called “Critterz” allows holders to buy plots of land in an “exclusive” server.
  • Another, called “Survival Game NFT,” hosts a world where people can earn tokens for participating in play-to-earn games.

While Minecraft has no official association with these projects, these NFT companies are able to build on top of the game due to its “transformative fair use” policy.

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