Nike and RTFKT Studios drop digital Dunk

Nike and metaverse sneaker creator RTFKT Studios are dropping the first of Nike’s new line of CryptoKicks, the Dunk Genesis.

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Nike and RTFKT Studios drop digital Dunk


Future. Nike and metaverse sneaker creator RTFKT Studios are dropping the first of Nike’s new line of CryptoKicks — the Dunk Genesis. Virtual-first, customizable, and updateable, Nike’s sneakers may be the mainstream offering needed to make digital shoes a bonafide trend.

Step into the metaverse
Nike’s acquisition of RTFKT is paying off with its first virtual shoe.

  • The pair are releasing the Dunk Genesis — a virtual silhouette of the classic Dunk sneaker with “Skin Vials” tech that allows customers to switch out the sneakers’ color schemes.
  • So far, the Dunk Genesis is available in eight limited-edition skins and will be more customizable as time goes on.
  • The sneakers are up for auction on OpenSea, with the lowest bid already at 2.31 ETH ($6,926.39).

The drop comes on the heels of RTFKT airdropping an NFT collection called “MNLTH” in February to owners of the company’s previous sneakers, the Clone X. “MNLTH” was simply a metallic cube adorned with the logos for both RTFKT and Nike — you know, just a big tease.

After completing a series of “quests and puzzles,” according to Input, holders finally were able to unlock the box — finding a pair of the CryptoKicks, a Skin Vial, and, yes, another “MNLTH” NFT.

Out of StockX
With the Dunk Genesis, Nike has finally cemented its Web3-focused CryptoKicks plans.

  • The company had already filed for a handful of related trademarks (an NFT marketplace, a crypto wallet, a remix feature called “shoe offspring,” etc.).
  • It also created a world within Roblox called “Nikeland,” which connects to a user’s mobile phone accelerometer in the real world.

But it hasn’t been all smooth sailing for Nike. The company is still locked in a legal battle with resale platform StockX over the latter’s VaultNFTs — a lawsuit that could determine who holds the ultimate right to issue an NFT of physical sneakers.

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