The market is drunk on fake alcohol

Non-alcoholic beverages are increasing in popularity.

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The market is drunk on fake alcohol


The Future. Non-alcoholic beverages are increasing in popularity, with sales growing year after year. And with celebrities like Katy Perry and brands like Heineken taking advantage of the trend, there are now more options than ever to enjoy. As non-alcoholic drinks go mainstream, the booze industry may find a surprising crossover with the health and wellness movement.

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Faux booze is making a splash — even outside of Dry January.

  • NielsenIQ found that sales in October 2020 had increased by 33% in a year to $331 million.
  • And with Dry January participation having grown to 19% of adults, that number should only pop.

Now, celebrities and top brands are getting in on the buzz. Kicking off 2022, Katy Perry just launched De Soi, which allegedly contains “adaptogens” to help the body deal with stress (something everyone is feeling right now). Meanwhile, Heineken partnered with Formula 1 to boost its Heineken 0.0 non-alcoholic beer. Their pitch? It’s the only beer that lets you drink and drive.

As Axios points out, interest has piqued in sober beverages after the publication of Ruby Warrington’s book, Sober Curious, which claims that ditching alcohol can “bring about better sleep and greater clarity and focus.” After a couple years of COVID and work anxiety (and a sharp increase in drinking), sobriety might be looking much more appealing to many Americans.


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