OpenAI breaks the news with Axel Springer deal

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The Future. Axel Springer SE is getting paid to be training data for ChatGPT, with OpenAI striking a first-of-its-kind deal with the Germany-based publishing giant. With other publishers expected to follow, catching up on the headlines of the day may soon be curated by a chatbot.

The ChatGPT Times
OpenAI has struck a three-year deal with OpenAI for “tens of millions of euros,” reports Bloomberg.

  • The deal allows articles and other content from outlets like Politico, Insider, Bild, and Die Welt to be used to train ChatGPT.
  • It’ll also be used to generate answers when users ask ChatGPT a question, linking back those answers to relevant articles — the first time an AI firm will credit a news publisher.
  • Users will also be able to ask ChatGPT for news summaries of the day, which will be powered by Axel Springer’s publications.

Axel Springer, which has already been toying with AI in the newsroom at Insider, says that the deal will help create a new revenue stream for the publisher — which, frankly, the industry needs as the digital advertising market continues to consolidate around Google and Meta. But, some publishers think that opening up their outlets to ChatGPT is a Pandora’s Box.

For OpenAI, the deal represents a huge step forward in gaining access to valuable and vetted content — a key element in winning over the trust of customers.

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