ChatGPT will now remember you

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The Future. OpenAI is beta-testing a new “memory” feature that’ll allow ChatGPT to know its individual users better over time and provide smarter functionality. While the feature is a key tenant for making chatbots more impactful and efficient, everyday users may wait to see the real-world strength of its privacy protections before letting the chatbot into their lives.

ChatGPT is evolving into a brain.

  • Memory will allow ChatGPT to remember personal things about users the more they use the chatbot — including their boss’ name, what kind of food they like, and how they like their blogs edited.
  • So, users will no longer have to remind ChatGPT of their preferences or key facts every time they use it.
  • The feature works in two ways: users can either manually tell what details ChatGPT should remember, or ChatGPT will simply learn those details over time.
  • Custom chatbots available on the GPT Store will also have memory, so that each one is better suited to individual users.

Be warned: OpenAI said that ChatGPT’s memories will be one of the primary ways the company will train its system moving forward — so it’s essentially the tracking cookies of AI.

The effects of cookies are still a hot topic, so OpenAI is stressing that ChatGPT is programmed not to remember “sensitive information,” and users will be able to turn off ChatGPT’s memories, remove memories, and even use an incognito mode whenever they want.

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