CBS plays middleman between advertisers and sports influencers

Paramount teams up with sports creators

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The Future. Paramount Global knows during sports games, people are watching their TVs and staring down at their phones. That’s bad news for advertisers when their intended audience is scrolling X or TikTok during the commercial break. So, Paramount is offering a way to capture those eyeballs, too. The move may pave the way for brands to broadcast commercial campaigns on two screens simultaneously… in other words, there’s no escape.

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Paramount is positioning itself between sports audiences’ first and second screens.

  • Paramount Advertising (Paramount Global’s ad sales and brand partnerships arm) is launching CBS Sports Creator Studio, which aims to connect digital creators with advertisers.
  • The plan is to facilitate the creation of custom content for social platforms that can run during sports coverage.
  • It also wants to provide resources to creators and advertisers to build campaigns around CBS Sports programming.
  • It’ll also leverage Paramount’s creator-focused businesses that it recently acquired, WhoSay and VidCon.

The studio is kicking off with three offerings: “Influence X Tentpole” (influencers get access to televised events), “Influence & CBS Sports IP” (influencers get behind-the-scenes access to sports programs), and “White Label Influence” (brands get paired with an influencer or athlete to make a campaign). 

The hope: whether audiences are watching the game or looking up highlights on X, advertisers will get their eyeballs.


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