Pharrell mints creativity and legitimacy as Chief Brand Officer of Doodles

Pharrell is joining the Doodles team as its Chief Brand Officer.

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Pharrell mints creativity and legitimacy as Chief Brand Officer of Doodles


The Future. Pharrell is joining the Doodles team as its Chief Brand Officer, and will have his hand in every creative aspect of the NFT collection’s expansion, including music, art, events, and merch. Already bullish on the possibilities of NFTs — specifically how they can revolutionize the ways artists get paid and create communities. Pharrell’s new post could act as a mainstream test to show what Web3 has to offer… all backed by his hit-making reputation, of course.

Down to Doodle
Decrypt reports that Pharrell has some big plans with his new role as Chief Brand Officer of the Doodles NFT collection.

  • Pharrell will likely have a hand in launching the company’s Doodles 2 NFT collection, set to include millions of new avatars (a big jump from the first collection’s 10,000).
  • He’ll executive produce a Doodle’s inspired album titled Doodles Records: Volume 1 with Columbia Records. The album will be sold exclusively as an NFT and be available to stream when released.
  • And with former Billboard President Julian Holguin acting as CEO, prepare for Doodles to enter live events in a big way.

Doodles is one of the most successful NFT projects, counting $500 million in secondary sales. With the Pharrell announcement, Doodles also shared that it raised an undisclosed sum in a funding round led by Web3-evangelist and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian’s Seven Seven Six. The VC firm’s co-founder, Katelin Holloway, is joining Doodle’s board.

Drop it like it’s hot
Pharrell has been bullish on Web3 for a while. He recently launched a project called Gallery of Digital Assets (GODA), which helps traditional artists enter the digital space (something Keanu Reeves is also working on).

At VeeCon last month, Pharrell spoke with Gary Vaynerchuk about the promise of NFTs and how they can empower creatives to hold more ownership over their works. He specifically points to a revolution in music royalties thanks to smart contracts — a feature that the 3LAU-backed Royals hopes to mainstream. Not to mention how NFTs are already starting to transform filmpublishing, and even food.

With Doodles, Pharrell now has the opportunity to experiment with all these applications within a thriving and passionate community.

David Vendrell

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