People are falling for romance bookstores

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The Future. As more people find comfort in romance novels, bookstores servicing readers’ passion for lusty literature are appearing all over the US. If this trend continues, we can expect new love stories that defy old-fashioned tropes and stereotypes to capture the zeitgeist.

Head over heels for escapism
People love to read about love, reports Axios.

  • Print sales of romance novels were up 52% year-over-year as of last summer, according to consumer research firm Circana.
  • TV adaptations and #BookTok helped magnetize new and younger readers to the genre.

Not your average bodice-ripper
Unlike tales of yore, modern love stories feature main characters of all different races, sexual orientations, and gender identities. Romance bookstores now carry everything from classic period pieces to series about queer werewolves to books about aliens dating.

“Wherever they find that joy, I’m not going to have anyone try to stifle it,” Katherine Morgan, a bookseller at Powell’s Books, told Axios.

These days, we guess the way to a person’s heart is through a bookstore.

Kait Cunniff

Kait is a Chicago-raised, LA-based writer and NYU film grad. She created an anthology TV series for Refinery29 and worked as a development executive for John Wells Productions, Jon M. Chu, and Paramount Pictures. Her favorite color is orange.


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