Hollywood writers discuss the financial instability of the job

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The Future. In the aftermath of last summer’s writers strike, a community survey from Humanitas reveals the food insecurity that writers in the film and TV industry face due to the unpredictability of work. If conditions don’t improve, more screenwriters may have to look elsewhere for livable wages.

Breaking bread 
The nature of the industry, which heavily relies on part-time and seasonal work, makes for inherently unstable financial conditions, per The Hollywood Reporter.

  • More than 500 film and TV writers shared insights on how their ability to access food shifted before and during the 2023 strike.
  • Nearly two-thirds of writers reported that they’re often or always worried about having enough food for themselves and their families; 61% reported skipping meals due to lack of funds.
  • Those who identify as disabled, neurodivergent, or people of color generally reported higher rates of food insecurity.

Half-baked systems 
High, marginal, low, and very low food security is proven to impact mental and physical health among those struggling to maintain consistent resources.

The unstable nature of Hollywood employment makes the ability to financially plan for expenses like meals difficult. As food insecurity programs aren’t built to last, they can’t fully support screenwriters in the gig economy.

Evan Brown


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