Ryan Reynolds climbs a MNTN to make more ads

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Ryan Reynolds climbs a MNTN to make more ads


Future. Ryan Reynolds and George Dewey’s ad agency, Maximum Effort, has found a home with software company MNTN. The acquisition gives Maximum Effort a home to stay true to its spirit, but with more tools at its disposal. Already having amassed a huge following on relatively tight budgets, Maximum Effort’s next era could be all about scaling up, while still maintaining the same irreverent creative… to the jealousy of its competitors.

The effort paid off
MNTN (read as “mountain”) is taking Ryan Reynolds’ ad agency to the peak.

  • MNTN acquired Maximum Effort Marketing for an undisclosed amount.
  • Maximum Effort will retain its identity and exist as an agency within MNTN.
  • Reynolds will also serve as MNTN’s chief creative officer, with Maximum Effort co-founder George Dewey taking on the role as MNTN’s chief brand officer.

Reynolds’ production company, Maximum Effort Productions, is not part of the deal and will stay a standalone company. It currently has a first-look deal with Paramount Pictures.

Move fast and make things
Maximum Effort is famous for its hilarious, quick-turnaround ads for brands such as Aviation Gin and Mint Mobile, which are also Reynolds companies. It’s that scrappy spirit that brought Maximum Effort and MNTN together.

Reynolds said: “We wanted a future for our marketing arm that ensured we could continue to move fast, have fun and do really rewarding work. I was blown away by the simplicity and speed of MNTN’s technology and how it opens up access to TV for advertisers who can’t afford upfront agreements.”


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