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The Future. The tumult rocking Scooter Braun’s music management empire is fueling a lot of rumors (and happy Swifties). While an air of mystery still surrounds the quick exits of his star clients, the exodus puts a spotlight on Braun’s evolving role in Hybe America. Could the departures simply be a shedding of talent before Braun shifts his focus entirely to the C-suite, or is everybody distancing themselves before a damaging story drops? Stay tuned.

Artist exodus
Scooter is at the center of some industry scuttlebutt.

  • Despite being a kingmaker for the past 15 years, star clients Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Idina Menzel, and J Balvin have all recently parted ways with him — with several just this past week.
  • That’s not just a major blow to Braun’s SB Projects, but it could also complicate Braun’s new position as CEO of Hybe America — the US division of K-pop powerhouse Hybe that represents BTS and other acts.
  • Hybe, which acquired SB Projects’ parent company Ithaca Holdings two years ago for $1.05 billion, was planning to raise roughly $380 million in an expansion move.

While there are conflicting reports if Bieber and Grande have really left (they’re likely mired in contract stipulations before anything can be publicly confirmed), the sheer number of departures over the short period of time can only mean that something big is going down with Braun — either business or personal.

Either way, it represents a huge change in the pop landscape… and may make other stars (or would-be Hybe America investors) hesitate to sign with his team until the dust settles.

David Vendrell

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