Smart clothes provide a layer of health

Clothes are getting a tech makeover.

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Smart clothes provide a layer of health


The Future. Clothes are getting a tech makeover. Companies and researchers from all around the world are creating fabrics that can measure the health of the wearer. In order to focus on preventive care, doctors may start to prescribe clothes in the very near future.

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Can clothes save your life? These smart fabrics are trying.

  • New York-based Nanowear has created a sash, dubbed SimpleSense, that is worn close to the chest,outfitted with billions of nanosensors, and can check for 85 different ailments by constantly listening to a person’s heart.
  • Bloomertech created a prescription bra that doctors can prescribe to monitor women at risk for heart failure.
  • Paris-based Neuronaute developed a smart cap that examines brain activity to check for neurological issues such as epilepsy or early signs of Alzheimers.
  • Researchers at University of Helsinki developed a smart jumpsuit for infants called Maiju that monitors for neurodevelopmental abnormalities such as cerebral palsy or autism.
  • Researchers at the Fudan University of Shanghai created a garment that can generate “dynamic images” and potentially read brain waves, to help disabled persons communicate via display words.

It may be time to update the closet.


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