Smartphones are still our right-hand man

Despite a decade of innovations, smartphones are still supreme.

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Smartphones are still our right-hand man


The Future. Despite a decade of innovations, smartphones are still supreme. As tech companies refocus on generating revenue as their stocks take a hit and recession looms, prepare for a double-down on the device that consistently delivers while big future-focused ambitions take a backseat.

One device to rule them all
With everyone from Meta to Amazon to Snap either cutting staff and budgets at moonshot projects like the metaverse, AR/VR headsets, and voice assistants, The Verge’s David Pierce makes the case that smartphones are still the best thing Big Tech has ever made.

  • People already use smartphones to access metaverse-like platforms like Fortnite and Roblox but without the discomfort of VR goggles.
  • Smartphones can already be used for various AR applications, such as navigation and photography.
  • And no one is really clamoring for dedicated voice-assistant products when a smartphone can handle that for users.

Maybe it’s because smartphones are so connected to people these days that everything else just becomes a secondary device.

It’s not that none of these devices or innovations will eventually take off (Pierce has his money on AR), but maybe smartphones are just as good as they will get… for now.


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